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The Dialogue 5+5 Member Countries agreed on strengthening the potential of youth, which is fundamental to the development and prosperity of the Mediterranean Region. They ensure full opportunities to access higher education and recall that training and professional integration of young people and job creation must remain a priority for projects within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Union for the Mediterranean, and in the context of the EU-Africa partnership.



Creation of a Network of Higher Education Institutions within the Dialogue 5+5

Lead countries: Tunisia, Portugal
Partnering countries: Libya, Italy, Algeria, Morocco

The network of academic and research institutions in the Western Mediterranean will be established to encourage thematic cooperation between higher education institutions in the Western Mediterranean Basin. It is a regional organization that will bring together higher education institutions of the Dialogue 5+5 to reflect and act on their common challenges and concerns. This action aims to stimulate student and researchers’ mobility and promote the development of joint programs

The development of this action will include the following tasks:

  • Task 1. Nomination of National Focal Points (NFP)
  • Task 2. Contact with Rectors’ Councils
  • Task 3. Development of Dialogue 5+5 Rectors’ Network
  • Task 4. Gathering information from higher education institutions
  • Task 5. Initiatives to be developed by the Dialogue 5+5 Rectors Network

Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Lead country: France
Partnering countries: Algeria, Mauritania, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya

As revealed by the discussions among the Dialogue 5+5 member countries, there is a common need to share good practices into the quality assurance field in order to better face shared challenges. The quality assurance system aims to ensure and continuously improve the quality of university activities, and promotes explicitly the development of a quality culture.
A final workshop will be organized at the end of the period.

Tasks of the Action:

  • Task 1. Building the network of Quality Assurance among the 5+5 Countries
  • Task 2. Links with other initiatives of the 5+5 Action Plan 2017-2018, among these A.9 “Exchanges on Governance”

Actions on Governance

Lead country: France
Partnering countries: Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco

The objective of this action is to provide a network of contact persons allowing a better exchange of good practices on governance in Higher Education and Research. This will be implemented with the help of the new website that would be managed by Italy complemented by a closed circuit of e-mails among the countries involved within the network.

The implementation of this action will include the following tasks:

  • Task 1. Organizing the Network of counterparts involved in Higher Education and Research governance frame
  • Task 2. State of the art of the current national scheme by each country on governance of Universities and research operators
  • Task 3. Drivers of changes

Building capacities and developing skills on blue economy

Lead country: Italy
Partnering countries: Tunisia, Portugal, Mauritania, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Malta, Spain, France

Italy will support an initiative on enhancing capacities and developing skills in sustainable blue growth. The action aims at promoting socio-economic development and creation of blue jobs in member countries of the dialogue 5+5 and the entire Mediterranean Region.

This action will be fully supported by the Italian ministry of education, university and research (MIUR) and implemented by the OGS Trieste.

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