5 + 5 Dialogue - country flags

As a Trans-Mediterranean initiative, the “raison d'être” of the Dialogue 5+5 is to ensure closer cooperation between the five EU Member States and the five Arab Maghreb Countries through political dialogue and cooperation and by encouraging more effective resource management as a means of strengthening interdependence and regional development.

The main objectives of the current Work Programme (2017-2018) are:

  • Institutionalize partnership and scientific and technological cooperation among member countries of the Dialogue 5+5;
  • Consolidate the actions identified in the Work Programme 2015-2016;
  • Improve the nice atmosphere of scientific and technological cooperation, promote entrepreneurship and the quality of higher education;
  • Encourage higher education institutions to innovate, export, import and internationalize;
  • Develop activities in the Dialogue 5+5 priority research areas and higher education.


These objectives are structured into specific activities that are detailed in the following actions identified: